7. M1-Computational Physics

Master of Physics 1 University of Cergy Pontoise

Computational methods for physics


C Oguey     ( oguey @ u-cergy.fr )     CM 12h, TD 18h

Web site

See cours.u-cergy.fr/course/view.php?id=17750
or cours.u-cergy.fr M1 Master Physique 1 M1–Numerical methods for physics.

Syllabus – Chapters selected among:

  1. Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
  2. Molecular Dynamics
  3. Finite difference methods for PDEs
  4. Time dependent Schrödinger equation – wave packets
  5. Fourier transform
  6. Non-linear PDEs: solitons, KdV, Ginzburg-Landau, sine-Gordon
  7. Introduction to Finite Elements Methods

Recommended books


Based on projects, each on a physical subject involving numerical methods.
In a concise report, < 8 pages, explain your treatment of the problem, the method used and the results or solution, including comments and critical analysis. Provide all your code listings in separate files.
Assessment is based on the report + program for two projects, and on the oral presentation of one of the projects.

Lecture notes, projects, deadlines

See web site cours.u-cergy.fr/course/view.php?id=17750

Suggestions for last project

Further proposals here.

Tools and examples for simple animation here.

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